Arrow Gutter Guards: Impressive Features, Extraordinary Protection

Nothing makes us happier than a comfortable, safe, well-maintained home that offers beauty inside and out. Gutters and gutter guards protect the exterior of the home against rain and water damage by draining it away from the foundation.  Use gutter guards and further enjoy aesthetic beauty while protecting the home against these potential damages. Why Choose Arrow Gutter Guards? An award-winning gutter guards brand, Arrow products are made with 304 stainless steel screens on a high flow louvered frame that maximizes water flow and proficiency.  The guards take in as much as 10 inches of rain per hour! They also feature the V-cut design that filter out even the smallest of debris. The elevated mesh also prevents debris from sticking to the metal, making cleanings even easier than before.

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2020 Guide To Storm Shelters

Texas Tech University in Lubbock is a leading tornado and wind science university and offers a wealth of information about how to create a shelter. If you are interested in building a storm shelter, our Storm shelter guide offers comprehensive information. Code for designing and constructing storm shelters, issued jointly by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (ICC) and the International Storm Shelter Construction Council (NSSA). Development of storm shelters is controlled in the ICC and NSSA 500, cited in our Hurricane Season 2020 Storm shelter preparation and development guide. The Marshall County Emergency Management Agency has said that if a tornado warning is given, shelters for the community will be available. ICC 500-compliant storm shelters must have group acco

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